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Second Line Supervisors Well Control Refresher

This refresher course is an intensive, condensed version of the Second Line Supervisor’s Well control Certificate (Test Well) program. You will be given the opportunity to perform well control procedures and demonstrate the proper response to hole and equipment problems using test well equipment and simulators. Travel is required to the Nisku Test Well Facility on the final day of the course, even if the classroom training is in Calgary.


Rig managers, wellsite supervisors, drilling engineers or drilling superintendents responsible for the execution and supervision of well control operations in the field.


  • Purpose of well control
  • Understanding wellbore pressures
  • Leak-off tests
  • Over-pressure and kick warning signs
  • Causes of kicks
  • Kicks with oil-based mud
  • Blowout prevention equipment and operation
  • Well control methods
  • Advanced well control situations, including:
    Managed pressure drilling and underbalanced wells
    Horizontal and multi-lateral wells
    High pressure high temperature wells
    Case studies
    Hands-on training at live test wells and with computer based simulators
  • A Second Line Supervisor's Well Control Certificate (can be expired, but not exceeding two years), with a minimum score of 85% on the previous exam. (This is in no way an extension to certificate validity and working with an expired ticket is not acceptable to the regulatory authorities. Extending the pre-requisite for a period of time is to facilitate training only)
  • Completion of the pre-course online horizontal well control module


To register, contact Enform by phone at 1.800.667.5557.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that is valid for two years from the expiry of your old certificate.


All students are permitted one rewrite exam. If a student is not successful in completing the rewrite exam but has passed the test well, the student will only need to repeat the classroom portion of the course to reattempt the exam. The classroom repeat must be done within 30 days of the certifying test well and classroom repeat fees apply.

Test Well failures must be rescheduled and successfully completed within 30 days of the original class program day five. If not completed within 30 days, the full five day program must be completed. Full course fees apply.

Fees may vary outside of Enform facilities
Government issued photo ID is required to write the exam

Participants should be able to identify the appropriate techniques and procedures necessary for proper operation of equipment used in well control.
Participants should also be able to apply wellbore pressure concepts, and well control strategies while on bottom, tripping and while out of the hole.

Students must be on time and present for the instruction of all course content. Students who miss any course content cannot be certified. If a student misses any course time, registration fees will not be reimbursed, and students who wish to be certified will be required to register and pay for their course again, as per the Cancellation Policy.

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