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Many organizations in the oil and gas sector are looking at effective ways to reduce silica exposure at worksites. Industry associations, researcher and government continue to explore various controls and alternatives to reduce or eliminate silica dust. 

  • Using non-silica ceramic proppant – although expensive to produce its safer to work around.
  • Installing cyclone dust collectors and portable baghouses to capture dust from thief hatches as it is generated.
  • Hanging staging or stilling curtains (also called passive enclosures) to limit dust around belt operations.
  • Reducing the distance sand falls through the air when being moved.
  • Using screw augers instead of transfer belts on sand movers.
  • Gathering dust from sites and equipment with industrial vacuums.
  • Using specially formulated water to reduce dust.
  • Making cam-locks mandatory for fill ports on sand movers.
  • Limiting the number of workers and the amount of time they can be in areas with higher concentrations of silica.
  • Beefing up worker training, knowledge and awareness.  
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