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How can we improve Safety Stand Down?



Past SSD Comments from Industry

"Where can I submit another picture and description of another Safety Stand Down meeting our president went out to go do this October? I understand the week is done for this year, but we still have the manager go out when possible to facilitate a safety meeting at the job site. Great job."

"Increase the frequency for which a Safety Stand Down is presented. Once a year may not be sufficient to formally present this material. Offer simpler topics to be completed on a monthly basis or on a quarterly basis. Our field staff took part in our meeting and there was good two-way communication."

"Safety Stand Down has been a great success for the start of 2010. All our Management participated and visited all our sites in Alberta and BC. (They) conduct safety stand downs throughout the year together with its Operators…"

"Safety Stand Down is again a very successful event. With the new and inexperienced workers constantly coming into the work force you cannot talk about hazard assessment too often. Each and every time we participate both workers and management learn something new that impacts our safety statistics. It was nice to hear workers feeling respected and they believe management does look out for their concerns. Thank you."

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