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To acquire a SECOR (available to companies with 10 or less employees), a small employer must take the following steps:

  • If you are in Alberta, you also need to register your company in the WCB Partners in Injury Reduction program.
  • Successfully complete Energy Safety Canada's two-day Safety Program Development course.
  • Develop and implement a health and safety management system that meets provincial standards.
  • Audit of your company's health and safety management system and achieve a passing mark (80%
    overall with no less than 50% in any one element).
  • A SECOR will be issued for audits that meet the required standards.

Maintaining your SECOR

Once you have a SECOR, you need to maintain it annually with a maintenance SECOR audit. The process is the same and the supporting documents should reflect the last 12 months of your safety program activities (i.e. safety meeting minutes, inspections etc.).

When are your Audits due? The month listed on your SECOR is actually your annual due date for your audits, whether its your maintenance audit or recertification. Use that month as a guide to submit your audit.

For more information, please refer to Policy 3.6 SECOR Assessor Conducted by a SECOR Assessor.

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