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2019 COR Audit Protocol

To review the Energy Safety Canada 2019 COR Audit Protocol click here.

Important Change:  Auditors are now required to add strengths in the executive summary area only keeping in mind that comments must be meaningful. 

Mandatory Changes to the 2019 COR Audit Protocol

To review the mandatory changes for Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Programs click here.

To review the mandatory changes for Joint Work Site Health & Safety Committees & Representatives click here. 

Looking for more information on the Alberta 2019 changes click here.

Formal Hazard Assessment Auditor/Employer Info Sheet

To find out what your formal hazard assessment system should include to meet the COR Audit Requirement click here.

Changes to COR Audit Protocol 

The Government of Alberta has revised the audit standards, so the Certifying Partners have begun revising their COR audit protocol.  The new protocol will come into effect on January 1, 2019.  To help you understand and prepare for these changes, Energy Safety Canada is providing the COR Audit Protocol Comparison Document.  This document shows you what has changed and can help you prepare for your 2019 audit.  Please note this is a draft document that is still subject to review; however, any changes will be minimal and likely related to grammar or minor scoring adjustments. 

To view the COR Audit Protocol Comparison Document click here.

Audit Time Frames  

To review audit time frames click here.  

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