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In This Section

The streamlined Energy Safety Canada Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audit Protocol 2013 is now the standard COR protocol. This protocol continues to meet COR auditing standards for British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. To learn more about the protocol updates, view the information session videos below.

Protocol Videos

Preparing for your Audit

The following documents and links will help you prepare for your audit under the 2013 protocol:

Energy Safety Canada COR Audit Protocol

A single PDF document containing the questions, measurement and scoring instructions for the 2013 edition of the COR Audit Protocol. Effective June 1, 2016 the eC-AuditTool will reflect v1.2 (April 2016).

eCompliance Orientation Video

This video takes the user through the various functions of the eCompliance software tool and provides valuable information on the use of the tool.  It is recommended that student auditors, new auditors and auditors that only audit once a year view the video prior to taking the Enform Certified Health and Safety Auditor program or prior to starting an audit.

eCompliance Orientation Video

Information Session on the Energy Safety Canada COR Audit Protocol, includes videos and printable handouts

View recordings from the information session held in Calgary on May 3, 2013:

Sample Auditor Notes in an Audit Report – for new system and implementation type questions

Guide to Scoring Math in Element B.1 Formal Hazard ID and Risk Assessment

Table to help assign percentages in eC-AuditTool

Auditor Information Gathering Tools

For those auditing with the 2013 protocol for the first time, or those who cannot bring a laptop to the worksite, the following information gathering tools may prove useful in ensuring you are efficient in evidence gathering:

Enhancements to eCompliance eC-AuditTool

Energy Safety Canada has worked with eCompliance to incorporate enhancements to the eC-AuditTool. These enhancements were based on feedback from auditors and various users. Please click on the Upgrades Visualization link below to view details on the enhancements.

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